White King In the tablao we can quickly see the hair
White King In the tablao we can quickly see the hair

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The cordoba White King , the dancer that made the shawl for his dance partner, and that became her ‘soleá in a genre of his own, has broken many shoes in the timbers of the “tablaos” –basically, the “your” Corral de la Morería , which he runs together with his sons, Juan Manuel and Armando–;but it has also worn many heels in the most important theatres of the world. Know, therefore, what he is talking about when he says that “for a flamenco artist it is essential to pass through a tablao; the artists themselves know it. And I say that not only I, what also say great artists, such as Antonio Gades . If an artist falls in love in a tablao, forget about it. In the tablao’t see the hair very soon.”

“Since Silverio Franconetti opened the first café cantante, a precursor of the tablaos, the flamenco history is tied to them,” says the dancer–. The father of Franconetti wanted his son to be an opera singer, but he felt drawn to the flamenco music and became a singer. Sent people to the fields to tell him who he had a good voice, for example, between the harvesters. And I hired a cobbler’s saying that he played guitar very well. The flemish began to specialise with Franconetti”.

it is Not the same as a tablao that the stage of a theater. “It is different, as is each and every artist; it does not all have to dance so carried away. The attitude in one another space or have nothing to do. But are the two very difficult. You have to be in both places, the same seriousness, and have the same respect. And to do so with the same rigor as if you were making ‘The swan lake’. I had the luck to coincide with Maya Plisetskaya , and I was able to see behind-the-scenes of their latest performances on dancing ‘The dying swan’. I haven’t cried more in my life. I identified a lot, because she, as I do for seguiriyas, we ended up crying. Are ways to feel the art that, without outbursts, they have a substance similar. The ballet and the flamenco often differ in the mirror; I am in my company took it back, and told them that they look into the mirror of your inside.”