The trial regarding the killing of the British rugzaktoeriste Grace Millane (22) on a Wednesday start. She was a Tinderdate to his room, where she was killed. The defendants, however, maintain that she died in an accident and was in the middle of sex, but the prosecutor’s office is of a different opinion.

in The eyes of the parents of the British rugzaktoeriste Grace Millane shots on Wednesday are full. Therefore, it was no fun at all, what they were told on the first day of the trial surrounding the murder of their daughter. The public prosecutor’s office have revealed, for the first time, which, according to them, that very night, it happened, and forgot all about it, no-one is to be kind.


Grace was in the end of 2018, after completing her university degree in law, with her, a backpack on a journey around the world left as well. The journey took her in november to Auckland, new zealand, and the largest city of New Zealand. It was there that they, on 1 december, on the eve of her 22nd birthday, on a Tinderdate a 27-year-old man. Her body was now only a week later in a fetal position found in a suitcase that had been buried outside of the city.

now, thanks to images that Grace, and the person whose name is not mentioned, it was after the meeting at his hotel room, has been drawn up. The autopsy report shows that she is being strangled, and there were bruises found on her breasts, stomach and upper arms.

a Tinderdate

“Only two people know what happened that night in that room and it happened,” said prosecutor Robin McCoubrey on Wednesday, at the start of the process. “The two of you can’t talk to it, and the other one refuses to tell the truth.”

the McCoubrey claimed that the defendant, who is accused of murder, and for the next four weeks, terechtstaat, girl strangled until she was dead and there was blood coming out of her nose and it came out. The man was looking for after an hour or so on how to get rid of the body, and looking at porn on his cell phone and took pictures of her naked and lifeless body, which the officers later on the computer in the room. He had a different Tinderdate with Grace dead on the floor in his room.

The next day, he went to a chest and poetsproducten to buy in order to “calm, cool-headed and methodical,” and her blood is on the carpet is to remove it, and then he was in a car and picked up the suitcase with her body inside to be buried.

the Accident

finally, The defendant maintains that he was by Grace, not he. He has pleaded innocent, and claims she has been killed at the hand wurgseks. “It was an accident,” said lawyer Ian Brookie on Wednesday.

The public prosecutor’s office sees it differently. “She had that night with a British friend and a message is sent that the date is going well,” said McCoubrey. “There is incontrovertible evidence that they perform sexual acts asked of them.” But what happened after that, he accused her of contradictory statements. Initially, he told the police that she’s never been in his room had reached, but he changed that story when he was confronted with the surveillance video of the outside of the hotel.

Grace took the initiative to have sex is taken,” he said during a hearing in the court, read to it was. “They jumped on top of me, and showed them what they wanted to do. She grabbed me around my neck and pushed. This is when we started gewelddadigere to have sex. We were on the floor, over to where we were going. She asked me to take her arms and hold her throat to seize, and easier to go. When it was done, and I’m going to take a shower.”

The defendants said that he was in the shower, he fell asleep, and that he thought my house was gone. He was in his bed, crawled inside and the next morning, and have seen them dead lying on the ground.

finally, The twelve piece panel of judges will be in the next three weeks and need to decide on what happened that particular night, it happened.