Summer temperatures are coming and so is the desire to take a nap in the sun. To take full advantage of idleness in your garden or by the pool, the deckchair is, with the deckchair and the deck chair, a must. Depending on your tastes and the way you want to expose your body to the sun, it is possible to adopt a semi-sitting or fully lying posture; other models are rigid, which does not allow you to change the position, or even allow you to have a seated position. The bouncer allows a wide range of choices in terms of style or materials for the frame. Depending on the model, it can be equipped with armrests, a head cushion, a sun visor or wheels to move it more easily. Note that if the deckchair is intended for a child, it must be checked whether it bears Afnor’s NF EN 12790 standard.

The choice of material can be guided by individual tastes. For those who prefer lightness and strength, an aluminum frame is suitable. Wooden structures are prettier (especially teak, which is water resistant) but are also heavier and will require more maintenance, as well as cushions to compensate for the hardness of the material. Finally, a PVC or resin deckchair is less expensive, but quickly deteriorates if left in the sun for too long; it will also be necessary to add a mattress to make it comfortable. It is advisable to buy a cover to protect it.

In the event of a lack of space and the impossibility of leaving your deckchair in place, there are foldable models which have just as many options as the rigid ones. Lightweight deckchairs with casters are best to be able to bring them in at night without hurting yourself.