Where Is Mark Biggins Now? The Story of Scott Scurlock’s Accomplice in Over 18 Bank Robberies

He was one of the partners in crime with Scott Scurlock, aiding him in robbing more than 18 banks in Seattle during the 1990s. Mark Biggins is now living a quiet life in Olympia, Washington after serving 21 years for armed robbery.

Scurlock, also known as the “Hollywood Bandit,” was infamous for his elaborate disguises during heists, using makeup, wigs, and props to alter his appearance. The duo, along with Steve Meyers, executed a series of meticulously planned bank robberies in the Seattle area, netting millions of dollars. However, their criminal spree came to an end in 1996 after a failed robbery led to a standoff with law enforcement. While Scurlock tragically took his own life during a police confrontation, Biggins survived and was eventually released from prison in 2015.

Mark Biggins currently resides in Olympia, Washington, leading a low-key life. He was interviewed for Netflix’s documentary “How to Rob a Bank,” shedding light on his relationship with Scurlock and their criminal activities. The duo’s final robbery took place in 1996, culminating in a dramatic police confrontation that left both Biggins and Meyers injured.

Despite his past involvement in armed bank robberies, Biggins has expressed remorse for the trauma caused to bank employees and customers. He has since moved on from his criminal past and is focused on rebuilding his life. “How to Rob a Bank” is now available for streaming on Netflix, offering a glimpse into the daring heists orchestrated by Scurlock and his accomplices.