for example, If the United Kingdom and the European Union to get out of the deal as it is now, it will be for the British people to be far more difficult to get a trade agreement with the United States of america to a close. That’s the message it sent to the Us president, Donald Trump in a radio interview with his Uk counterpart, Boris Johnson.

According to Trump, the united kingdom and the USA are much better things to do, the British are “better” Brexitdeal. “What we want to do business with the UK and us,” said He. “But there are certain aspects of the convention that it is impossible.” He pointed to the parts of the Brexit deal of trade with the united states in some areas mutually exclusive. He called it “ridiculous”.

In the same telephone interview, called Trump, Boris Johnson, in order for the elections to join forces with his ‘friend’ Nigel Farage, who made the deal in mid-October, in Brussels, negotiations were ongoing with the United Kingdom is too close to the EU entails.

in London, defending himself against criticism

The services of Johnson will defend to the Brexit agreement, however, and a spokesperson for Downing Street said that under the current agreement, the Uk would “trade all over the world to cover the whole of the country will benefit” .

However, the observations of the He is bad news for Johnson is that the business opportunity with US being one of the biggest bonuses of the Brexit place. The prime minister will be hoping for victory on the 12th of december at the parliament, and then finally to accept, with the Brexit.

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