Vanna White Pays Heartfelt Tribute to Pat Sajak on ‘Wheel of Fortune’

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LOS ANGELES (AP) — Vanna White delivered a touching tribute to her longtime co-host, Pat Sajak, on the eve of his final episode as the host of “Wheel of Fortune.” White, who has worked alongside Sajak for over 40 years, expressed her gratitude and deep bond with Sajak in a heartfelt video segment that highlighted their journey together since the 1980s.

During Thursday’s episode of the popular game show, White reminisced about the moments they shared on and off the screen. She described Sajak as a brother and a lifelong friend whom she deeply cherishes. White credited Sajak for making her feel comfortable and confident when they first started working together, emphasizing the personal connection they have built over the years.

As the video tribute came to an end, Sajak and White embraced on stage, symbolizing their enduring friendship and professional partnership. The duo has become synonymous with “Wheel of Fortune,” having appeared in thousands of episodes together.

Sajak announced his retirement in June 2023, making the current season his final one as the host. White, on the other hand, signed an extension to her contract through the 2025-2026 season and will play a role in introducing Ryan Seacrest as Sajak’s successor. Seacrest expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to follow in Sajak and White’s footsteps, acknowledging the impact they have had on audiences for four decades.

The final episode of Pat Sajak as the host of “Wheel of Fortune” is set to air on Friday, marking the end of an era for the beloved game show.