It will probably be the event of the year at Saputo stadium. Lionel Messi with Inter Miami, in Montreal, on May 11. Already, the simple announcement of the arrival of the Florida team in the Quebec metropolis caused CFM subscription sales to explode in the days following the unveiling of the calendar. We are now talking about more than 12,000 subscriptions sold, while the 10,000 announced in November by Gabriel Gervais already constituted a club record.

And if Messi is healthy, he will not come alone. Sergio Busquets, Jordi Alba and now Luis Suárez have joined him to form an exciting quartet of FC Barcelona alumni in Miami. In 2024, MLS risks becoming the scene of the Messi tour.

CF Montreal will face Inter Miami for the first time there on March 10.

It’s not every year that Canada has the chance to face great South American nations like Argentina. Even less in a prestigious international tournament like the Copa América. And yet, this could happen in 2024. The Copa will exceptionally take place in the United States, from June 20 to July 17. This will be the first time in eight years that CONCACAF teams will be able to participate in this competition organized by CONMEBOL.

The catch? Canada made a serious misstep when it was eliminated by Jamaica in Toronto in the quarter-finals of the Nations League in October. Participation in the semi-final would have automatically qualified the maple leaf for the 2024 Copa. The Reds must now beat Trinidad and Tobago in a knockout match in March in Texas to reach the Copa. If they succeed, a meeting in Lionel Messi’s group awaits them in June. Yes, him again.

On the pitch, the year 2023 was complicated for CF Montreal. The team’s performance has been inconsistent at best. Head coach Hernán Losada’s playing philosophy did not fit well with the club’s vision. And the team missed – very narrowly – the playoffs.

But here we are in 2024. Sports management believes they have improved the defense with the acquisitions of Ruan (right side) and Raheem Edwards (left side). Olivier Renard and Vassili Cremanzidis assure that they want to find a worthy replacement for Romell Quioto to score the goals.

But no matter what we think of the squad and its changes, everything will depend on the success of the new head coach at the helm of the team. The CFM needs a clear playing system that all players, even the reserves, understand and apply diligently. With one of the smallest payrolls on the circuit, this is where the team can beat the odds. And achieve his goal of participating in the autumn dance.

The year 2024 will be that of continental cups. In addition to the Copa América, there will be the Asian Nations Cup, from January 12 to February 10. The African Cup of Nations, during essentially the same period. And the one that generally appeals to us the most here: the Euro.

It is still too early to make bold predictions about the 2024 edition, which will take place in Germany, as there are still groups to be completed.

Six months before the tournament, Kylian Mbappé’s France and Harry Kane’s England are the big favorites. The young Spanish team has what it takes to wreak havoc. Portugal, once again led by Cristiano Ronaldo, had a flawless run in qualifying and can also aspire to the title.

Italy? We can never exclude the reigning champions from the portrait, despite their very literal absence from the last two World Cups.

Euro 2024 will take place from June 14 to July 14.

Nothing has yet been decided in the major European championships, and that’s perfect. We wish each other good battles until May in this regard. So let’s look at the Champions League, the round of 16 of which will begin next February.

Among the most interesting duels, that between Inter Milan and Atlético Madrid promises to be the best shared. Just like the clash between Naples and Barcelona, ​​although the Italian club does not have the same level in Serie A as when it won the Scudetto last year. Arsenal will have to be careful against a seasoned FC Porto in the UCL. However, we are not too worried about Manchester City against Copenhagen or Real Madrid against RB Leipzig.

Moreover, if these two behemoths pass, they will face each other in the quarter-finals. We would then be entitled to a final before the final for the competition offering the highest level of soccer in the world.