It’s only been about two months since the Syria special envoy of the State Department, Joel Rayburn, presented at a security conference in Bahreins capital Manama ambitious plans. It is the time for a political process to resolve the conflict, be now, he said. In addition, Iran and the Tehran-controlled militias should be pushed back.

Christoph Ehrhardt

a correspondent for the Arab countries, based in Beirut.

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The message was clear: Washington wants to engage more in Syria. High American government officials have recently always ends out, again and again signals. And the American soldiers in the North-East of Syria, are considered to be an effective means of pressure against the Syrian Regime and its Iranian allies.

What is the role of Erdogan played?

The hopes of the Western diplomacy on Syria will rely heavily on the new American design. Accordingly, the disillusionment was, as the customer of the withdrawal was leaked to the Public. Several with Syria, addressed the Western diplomats considered this on Wednesday as an unexpected, and at the same time, ground-breaking change in the situation. It was unlikely that President Donald Trump, let one more Time for u-turn move, it was said, even if it is not, of course, be ruled out.

With the soldiers would rid Washington of an important lever. The credibility of American fight announcements to the Syrian ruler Bashar al-Assad and his allies, would suffer. The plan to oust the Shiite militias, would still be unrealistic. Also from Washington aimed at economic Strangulation of the regime in Damascus – including tougher sanctions – would be more difficult, not more, should be the oil Fields in the East in the possible radius of action of the Americans.

Syria has addressed diplomats suspect that the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has played a role in helping to move Trump to a deduction notice. For the leadership in Ankara, the Kurdish militiamen in Northern Syria, “terrorists”, because they are the Federal lead enjoyed by the PKK organization against the Erdogan is a fierce war.