It was a silly joke on Facebook: as many as 2.1 million people wanted to be on Friday, the U.s. secret air base in “Area 51” in the Nevada storm “for those aliens to be seen”. The U.s. army, interested parties are notified that the need would be to shoot at anyone that is a bizarre plan into practice would be to try it, and was prepared for the worst. It wasn’t really necessary,: Friday morning, appeared at the entrance of the army base, a greater number of journalists and camera crews, then extinction.

One man in an orange space suit, with a mere handful of men, with hats of tin foil, and alien masks, and the one sign with the message, “Free of E. T. from the government. It was Friday night, at 3 am American time, it’s time for death – the grim harvest.

“Save E. T. from the government-it was called, and, laughing, to the entrance of Area 51, but of a real death, was not to be the case. Photo: associated press

in a real death was involved with only one young woman was tried in a bar a dive. She was briefly detained by the authorities, but soon released again. A man who urinated against a fence post and was briefly arrested. 75 the others continued to clean the outside of the perimeter. “We’re here just to see what happens,” said a sergeant, Orlando Guerra, monkelend. “In order to have a bit of fun as well.”
One woman (on the right), it was a long time detained, after a gate popped up. Photo: AFP

“A lot of strange people in bizarre costumes in a secret military base, why would I possibly want to miss out on?”, said YouTuber Atozy in one of the many reporters and camera crews. “This is a once in a life experience.” Also, Jason Strand (23), and eight of our friends were not going to have their own lives to be at risk. “We have come to see what a couple of idiots trying to walk away.” Without any success, so to say.

75 enthusiasts have gathered at the entrance to Area 51 to hunt in martians to open. (Photo: AFP) < / P> 2.1 million would-be bestormers

according to legend, for decades that Area 51 – it’s official: ‘Homey Airport, or Base, is used to bring the remains to the preservation of a flying saucer in 1947 crash in Roswell, New Mexico), as well as the bodies of the ruimtemannetjes that the probe ran. The U.s. government wanted to get even with the existence of a basis for a long period of time could not be confirmed. In 2013, when it released the CIA documents, it was referred to as a test site for secret spy planes.

That won over the fans of the better conspiracy theory is not: as many as 2.1 million people have in the past few months on Facebook, to be able to sense at a side of the base. Under the motto of “They can’t all stop”, and “Let us ” aliens” show.

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Matty Roberts, the creator of the Facebook event for that is all in motion put it, and limited himself under pressure from the FBI, the question to be a brief skit, to an “alien” festival in downtown Las Vegas. (Photo: AFP)

Considering the amount of people interested and the media coverage of the event, the Us government has been forced to prepare for many different scenarios. Thus, it was warned that “deadly force” should be taken in response to attempts to enter it. That turned out to be more than enough for the 2.1-million, 75 bold, to make it.

A sign at the entrance of Area 51, the list of the consequences for the robbers is on. (Photo: AFP) < / P> ‘Alienstock’

now, More animosity, there was a Friday in the end of this season, about 20 miles from Area 51, where there is a music festival with the aptly-named ‘Alienstock’, which was organised for the alien-hunters, who really don’t onzacht have been in contact with the united states army. Some of the residents of Rachel, were in the tens of thousands of tourists, however, are asked to stay away, because they feared that their small village – population: 50 – and the amount would not be able to, and there was even talk about a ”humanitarian catastrophe”.

But in the final was the damage in Rachel is bad at all: – not the 5,000 to 50,000 people as fears, but are just a few of the hundreds of people camped out in tents in the desert, next to the Little A’Le’Inn is the only hotel and restaurant in the village. In total, proved to be less than 1,500 people for several music concerts as well. There were no aliens have been spotted.

1.500 fans gathered at Rachel’s for a music festival. (Photo: AFP) The Little A’Le’Inn, the only hotel and restaurant in Rachel. (Photo: AFP) Photo: AFP) Photo: AFP) Photo: AFP) Photo: REUTERS Photo: REUTERS has More on the United States to blow the whistle: “He has made promises to Ukraine in return for the research of Joe Biden” He threatened ISIS prisoners at europe’s borders: “We don’t want to have to pay for the costs,” He makes the “toughest sanctions ever” against Iran, announced Six people have been shot in Washington, D.C., is dead