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The pandemic coronavirus disrupted the plans of the basket ii and, also, the NBA in particular. In fact, the bubble devised in Orlando are only 22 of the 30 teams of the league, as the eight who remained at home were already eliminated when they stopped the season.

To match the settings of all those present in Orlando, the NBA designed a calendar and a format that could bring everyone closer to the playoffs , but respecting the balance of victories and defeats harvested during the first stretch of campaign.

therefore, determined that if the difference between the eighth and the ninth-ranked from each conference at the end of the phase fair was of four wins or less it would dispute a play-in. is A sort of tie between those two teams which would determine the last qualified for the playoffs .

In the Eastern conference need not be held on the play-in, because you are certain of the eight qualifiers for the struggle for the ring. Not so in the West, where up to four computers will come with options to the last day and where yes or yes, there will be held a play-in.

on Thursday, the last day of competition in the first phase of the bubble, both Memphis, such as Portland, Phoenix and San Antonio will play their options to achieve a place in the playoffs. The best what are the first two, because they had better win to qualify. Not so the Suns, who despite staying undefeated on the bubble need to win to the Mavericks and hope for a stumble of the Grizzlies or the Blazers. Worse is the situation for San Antonio, which must win and expect them to fail two of the three previous years.

ranked will compete in the play-in the 15 (20.30 hours) and August 16th (22.30) . That round, uneven, allows the eighth-ranked goal in the playoffs if you win one of the two parties to the dispute. While the ninth should win the two duels in a row to be in the fight for the ring.

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