What if… employees to do their own recruitment campaign to make it?


The “do-it-yourself” phenomenon also shows up in recruiting. At Unilin, from Wielsbeke they would let the employees show up in their own recruitment campaign. With the agency, and all the trimmings.

“do you Want to be a video, a poster, or a billboard in which your friends will call to us to look for a job? However, you can do that. We take care of everything. Professional photos or a test shoot to be a specialist copywriter for a promotional text.”

these are the words of Nick Leenaert, talent director at Unilin, best known for the ” Quick-Step floors, which is the plan’s responsibility. “We are worried, in other words, the tools for the employee to spread the message through social media, club or association, or a sticker on a car, or a billboard in a public place,” says Leenaert.

The use of ambassadors is generally considered to be an effective tool. “Your own employees are the best ambassadors of a company. They bring about a genuine story, as well as the inflow of candidates, using the channel quality is very good,” says the talent director. “Each and every employee in addition to his or her network, and this is, undoubtedly, a lot of talent. Only, what we found is that we, as a company, in the last few years in relation to their inflow is received through the company’s own employees. But we wanted to do something about it.”

“in Addition, we are in the southern part of West-Flanders, belgium, in a small space. It’s a talent that we’re looking for is in short supply. And it is because of the booming economy in the region, sought after by a lot of companies.”

The initiative to Unilin, and that’s just before the summer started, it is best to be innovative and combines employer branding with a network of recruitment, in which employees have friends in their company. However, the question is: the employees get a pay out from a suitable employment, such as in the referral recruitment can often be the case that it is? “We have a very critical look at it. Because, as we have found above all is that they have to do it because they take pride in their work. And also, since they are a great way to their job and work like to show. On the other hand, we want to also provide them with a financial reward for their efforts, and they will receive a referral bonus as well.”

What if, as would be the case, the more team members will be in the same campaign? “As for the campaign, for example, a team of three people is taken, it is the amount by three. It can also be beneficial for the team,” adds Lenaert.