Fanny Leeb was born on June 9, 1986 in Paris. She is the daughter of the famous actor and humorist Michel Leeb. Her brother Tom is also an actor known to the general public since he has starred in many films and TV films including Sous le soleil de Saint-Tropez in 2013, The New Adventures of Cinderella in 2017 and in the Nina series in 2018. After the Obtaining her baccalaureate, Fanny Leeb left for the United States to pursue musical studies. The daughter of Béatrice and Michel Leeb aims to make a living from music.

After some time across the Atlantic, she decided to return to France in 2013 and participated in season 2 of The Voice. She passed the blind auditions performing Rihanna’s song Don’t Stop The Music. Coaches Garou and Jenifer are won over and Fanny Leeb finally decides to join the Quebec artist’s team. The pretty young woman is however eliminated at the end of the first round of the battles. After this rewarding experience, she decided to move to Switzerland where she self-produced her first album entitled Travel in 2013 alongside musicians Keni Arifi and Philippe Jakko.

For a few years, she performed in concert halls and even opened for singers such as Selah Sue and Garou. In 2016, she released her second album titled Heroes. At the beginning of 2019, she signed with the Universal music label and was preparing an album. But, terrible news has fallen…

Interviewed on March 7 by the site L’illustré, Fanny Leeb revealed that she has breast cancer. The young thirty-year-old discovered her illness accidentally, as she tells our colleagues. “In December, I was recording at the B-Note studio in Bern. I had gone to get myself some hot water to make myself a tea at the gas station opposite. On my way back, the door being very heavy, I I gave a big blow. The cup had no lid. The boiling liquid squirted out and burned me at the height of the chest. The following days, I paid a little more attention to it. And, it It was when I touched this area that I discovered a small ball,” she explained.

Since then, Fanny Leeb has undergone chemotherapy sessions to treat this “very aggressive” cancer: “We are four in the same room, separated by a screen. It lasts several hours. Friends come to see me, sometimes my brother”. For the 30-year-old, having cancer “is not a taboo”, which is why she did not hesitate to appear totally bald on her Instagram account. “Millions of people are affected in the world. I discover them every day in my entourage”.

Fanny Leeb also explains that she will probably have to have surgery. “As for preventive ablation, it saves you stress. It is difficult to separate from a part of oneself, especially in a woman. At the same time, reconstructive surgery has made immense progress.” Did the singer manage to overcome the disease?

After several months of fierce struggle, chemotherapy and treatments were beneficial for Fanny Leeb who overcame her breast cancer. “You turned my life upside down. Today, thanks to the fight, you allowed me to know what I was capable of and who I am. I stood up to you, I found the strength of a warrior that I didn’t think I had”, announced the singer on Instagram. Since then, she has done prevention with the public to get tested, and in particular by participating in the program Stars à Nu on TF1.

Three years after her cancer announcement, how is Tom and Elsa Leeb’s sister doing today? In December 2021, their father Michel Leeb confided in Ciné Télé Revue that his daughter Fanny “persevered after these very difficult ordeals”, after being “out of trouble”. And, this December 12, it is with Télé-Loisirs that the famous comedian gave very optimistic news. “It wasn’t easy, but she’s doing amazingly well. She’s in total remission.”

Today, Fanny Leeb continues to live from her profession for music and travels the roads performing in concert. Very active on social networks, the singer followed by 35,000 fans on Instagram is about to unveil the single Hater in duet with the rock group Stevans, on January 6, 2023.