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won The democratic party of the South Korean President, Moon Jae-in last with a clear advantage in the Parliament elections against the conservative Opposition. More praise for its comprehensive Coronavirus policy would have been able to get the government hardly. This includes those mug method, you would pull in other countries, probably to the outrage of all the data pads on. In order to make contact with persons Infected and infection ways to find, use South Korea’s authorities, private mobile radio, and credit card data. After the outbreak of the Mers epidemic by 2015, the disease protection law was adapted in such a way that this intervention into the lives of citizens possible. And these are, obviously, agree. Even in the most intense phase of the election campaign, there was no significant debate on this approach. Concerns may be expressed quietly. You don’t need to suggest so, as it would be to the people in South Korea, in principle, no matter what happens with your data. The times of the dictatorship are still not so long ago. A true surveillance state does not fit the claim for Freedom the young democracy. But when it comes, is a dangerous disease, not the insistence of the South Koreans on their personal rights. Must be, cannot be otherwise – so you can hear these days is often by Locals. One explained: “I have the feeling that Korean security is more valuable than privacy.”

China: contradiction, not possible photo: Reuters

Green, yellow or red is? In China, QR Codes decide how free you can the country move. Are the square bar codes using Apps such as Alipay. The offer has been developed by the private payment service provider of Alibaba with the local government in Hangzhou. For the Code the user will need to enter your personal data. The App makes use of other data, including, according to government figures, at least recently undertaken trips, information about the social environment, and medical records. From this, the App calculates the three-stage classification: Green no restrictions means, Yellow one-week house arrest, Red is user for two weeks, forcing to stay at home. Contradiction or insight into the collected data is not possible. In addition to the QR Code, the App of Alipay created a custom motion profile to which the police can access. The green Code of the monitoring apps have to be shown at railway stations and airports, but also when Entering shopping malls and the subway. Human rights organizations are criticizing the Apps as a trial, the monitoring apparatus further expand. The authorities monitor users are already permanent in the social media and in private Chats. Across the country, the government uses facial recognition software. Since the mask of duty, the developers have upgraded. Now people can be detected with a mask.

Russia: Selfie or briefing photo: Shamil Zhumatov (Reuters) Forced the

In Moscow, everyone gets Corona-Infected in a domestic quarantine is a digital Watchdog: The App is called “social Monitoring”, requires the phone number, passport information and photo from the user, and accesses the location determination. So the authorities can monitor whether the Patient leaves his home was forbidden. In order to ensure that he carries the cell phone at all times, send him the App irregular messages. To which he must respond each Time with a Selfie, so that the App can identify him. Otherwise, he will be forced to the hospital and pays a penalty. Who owns no cell phone, the city provides a loaner. Also all other Moscow are only allowed out in certain cases. Every journey through the city, whether by Bus, train or car, you need to sign up digital and online with passport data register. Soon it could be in Moscow for footpaths required. Other Russian regions have now adopted a similar Digital passports. In addition, Premier Mikhail Mishustin has instructed the authorities in March, to develop a System, the movements of individual mobile phone to track users. You will then be informed if you have been in contact with a Covid-19-patients. At the same time, the city summarized its network of surveillance cameras, equips more cameras with facial recognition software. Even so, the authorities remind people that violate the rules of self-isolation.

Israel: prohibition on secret service photo: AFP

In Israel there are two paths to digital Surveillance: The volunteers from the Ministry of health helped to develop the App and the domestic intelligence service Shin Bet carried out coercive measures. About 1.4 of the 6.5 million mobile phone owners voluntarily make use of the App “HaMagen”, Hebrew for “shield Of protection”. Here is a comparison of the data on the phone is done with those that are stored centrally in the Ministry of health. Since the beginning of March, as practised mass surveillance by the secret service has prohibited the Supreme court in Israel on Sunday evening, however. The measure should only be used if the appropriate legislation would be initiated, it said in the on Sunday evening published the judgment. This decision should come on Thursday in effect. In the case of the mass surveillance of the citizens of the secret uses of service technologies that were previously only used in the Anti-Terror fight. GPS data, information of 14 mobile phone sensors and information, which Wi-Fi network was used, can be used. According to experts, E-Mails may be read. Anyone who came in contact with an Infected, is sent through a SMS in quarantine. By the movement profile of the compliance of the output can be controlled lock. According to a Knesset decision last week, the police are also not permitted to use the data, a law needs to be improved.

Austria: Digital handshake photo: Jakob Gruber (Keystone)

The Austrians were quickly on 25. March has launched the Red cross a “stop-Corona-App”, which works as a kind of contact diary. A “digital handshake” is detected via Bluetooth and stored in anonymised form, if two mobile devices are located no longer than 15 minutes within an environment of two meters. A user reports his infection, notify all contact persons of the past 48 hours. Meanwhile, more than 400’000 Austrians have downloaded the App, and the policy has high hopes, with your help stem the pandemic. After a short discussion on the mandatory use was now made it clear that the use should remain voluntary. Anyone who owns a Smartphone should be able to use the functions via the key FOB. The developers praise the App as a “privacy Champion”, this is confirmed among others by the Austrian data privacy activist Max Schrems, given the stop-Corona-App of his blessing and she has downloaded. Criticism, however, of the Arge Daten, the Austrian society for data protection. There you hold the Red cross App is “not practical”. The distance measurement via Bluetooth to be inaccurate, it could not be determined whether there was direct physical contact or by contaminated surfaces were touched. The App conveys, therefore, a “false security”.

United Kingdom: warning-Bluetooth-photo: AFP

The British Tracing App is developed by the digital Arm of the National health service NHS, of NHSX, in cooperation with researchers in Oxford. She was not yet finished, it is called, but it was close. It should work via Bluetooth; their use should be voluntary. The data evaluation is to be made, according to reports, centralized, something to which privacy advocates to criticism. Polls show that a majority of Britons supported the use of a Tracing App. Health Minister Matt Hancock said: “Who is the developed Corona symptoms or clearly infected, you can note this in its NHS-App; this will then send anonymously a warning to users with whom you have had contact.” In order to fulfill this purpose, but should use at least 60 per cent of all British the App. Technology companies that 22 percent of the population had no Smartphone that you have the necessary skills. Experts warn of a technology that works with Bluetooth: The phone should be up and running, other Apps should not run at the same time. New guidelines from Apple and Google erzwängen in addition, a decentralized System that allow no record of mass movements and the Extraction of private data prevent. On top of that, the NHS was turned off-App, but in the end. The Guardian reported that it was planned that data should be anonymized when infected persons aware of other endangered; Downing Street denies this.

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