Each territory has its own tradition. France is a country particularly rich in terms of gastronomy. Throughout the territory, there are hundreds of specialties specific to each region or department. Whether it is cheese, charcuterie or main courses, there are many and the local products thus vary completely whether they come from the mountains, the coast or even the North.

There are so many culinary specialties among the regions of France that only a small part of the population knows them all. If local products are generally very popular in the territories from which they come, some are still more popular than others.

The institute specializing in the analysis of consumer goods IRI has looked into this subject and has thus carried out a large-scale survey in the different spaces where the products consumed are similar. The study thus focused on everyday consumer products, with barcodes, which therefore excludes fresh products, reports Le Parisien.

“We analyzed the territories by looking at two criteria: what are the market segments, such as canned salsify, that are widely consumed here or there and what are the local brands that people buy in particular. And then we grouped all the stores whose consumption was similar” explains Emily Mayer, expert in mass distribution for the IRI institute, to our colleagues.

Discover in our slideshow all these geographical areas where consumption habits are similar as well as the products associated with them.