If summer makes you want to bring out the nicest pieces from your wardrobe, the heat can make choosing your outfit more complicated. A sweat stain under the armpits of the blouse soon arrived; thus, before taking an interest in the cut or the color of your garment, choosing the right material is a good idea. To do this, nothing could be simpler: just scan the labels of your clothes to find out what they contain precisely.

Perspiration is a natural process of our body in the face of heat, and leaves more or less visible traces on clothing. To avoid them, avoid synthetic materials such as polyester, viscose, polyamide, acrylic or elastane, which retain heat and therefore odors, preventing sweat from evaporating. Satin is also to be left in the closet: despite its elegance, it can quickly stick to the skin. In hot weather, natural materials such as linen, cotton or bamboo are the best allies. In the form of light and loose fabric, they are very pleasant to the touch and allow comfort and ventilation.

Insulating and thermoregulating, linen has a chic and pleasant appearance to wear, but can easily wrinkle: to avoid untimely ironing, the solution is found in mixed fibers (linen/cotton or linen/bamboo). Cotton, very comfortable, has the advantage of being easy to iron unlike linen, in addition to being absorbent and hypoallergenic. Finally, bamboo is also crease-resistant and pleasant to the touch. All these materials are easily available in shirts, tops, t-shirts, dresses and other pants. What give a wide choice of clothes to go out during the summer.