“Micro” – West Swiss newspaper due to Corona onthe newspaper understood itself as a Medium to Share. However, because of the pandemic, the publication had been suspended since March. Now the conclusion is.0 comments”Micro” gave it for a little over a year. (KEYSTONE/Jean-Christophe Bott)KEYSTONE/Jean-Christophe BottDie newspaper had to cease operations. A Medium Share would no longer be in the current Situation possible. KEYSTONE/Laurent Gillieron1 / 2

The Recently launched French-language Swiss publication “Micro” is out of business. This is the editor announced in the night on Monday.

As the managers specify the measures to contain the Coronavirus. The Covid-19-pandemic, have affected the main clients of the title strong: cafes, doctor’s offices, hair salons and cafes, it was stated further in the Communique. Under these circumstances, it was impossible for the publication to resume.

Therefore, you will see this in the next Sunday’s publication. A last issue is planned according to the information for Saturday.

environment that is “very complicated”

The publication in paper form was already since the 17th century. March has been suspended after the Federal Council had adopted the Coronavirus measures. The concept of the newspaper, which had been established for ecological reasons, specifically as a leaf to the Parts to be in the current Coronavirus-context “very difficult” to become added to the “Micro”.

The editor would report to all in the year 2020 contained in the subscription and two donations in the amount of 10’000 Swiss francs to the satirical newspaper “Vigousse” and the Online media La Torche 2.0 to make, it was called more.


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