Teamsters Leader Lindsay Dougherty Shares Negotiation Approach for 2024

On Monday, the Hollywood Basic Crafts coalition will begin targeted bargaining affecting drivers, location managers, electrical workers, and other classifications. This group, comprising nearly 8,000 workers from various local unions, will focus on issues such as wages, working conditions, artificial intelligence, and autonomous vehicles.

Leading the coalition is Lindsay Dougherty, chairperson of the Hollywood Basic Crafts group and principal officer of the Hollywood Teamsters, Local 399. Dougherty expresses a more aggressive approach in this year’s negotiations, emphasizing higher wages, benefits funding, AI guardrails, staffing minimums, and improved working conditions.

In a recent interview, Dougherty discussed the importance of addressing members’ financial hardships, working conditions, increased wages, and overtime provisions. She highlights the need for sustainable wages to allow members to live and work in California effectively.

Dougherty also emphasized the impact of autonomous vehicles and artificial intelligence on Teamster members, stressing the need for protections against job displacement due to technological advancements. She aims to negotiate meaningful discussions on these issues to safeguard members’ interests.

Regarding negotiations with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers, Dougherty acknowledges the challenges posed by multi-employer units with competing business interests. Despite the difficulties, she remains confident in the negotiating team’s preparation and readiness for the upcoming talks.

The top priorities for members this year include benefits, wages, minimum staffing, and job security. Dougherty advocates for one driver per vehicle, a provision already agreed upon in other Teamster Locals, to protect members’ work and ensure fair treatment.

In conclusion, Dougherty remains committed to securing the best possible contract for Teamster members while maintaining open communication with studios. She emphasizes the importance of working together to address members’ concerns and achieve a mutually beneficial agreement.