If a large part of the Julyists have already gone on vacation, the sun has not yet planned to take time off. Indeed, the weather forecast announces a great sun on almost the whole territory for the coming week.

On the temperature side, La Chaîne Météo reports that “The presence of a depression over the southern Mediterranean is causing Saharan air to rise from the Maghreb countries towards Italy and the south-east of France. This situation continues. until Wednesday morning with an episode of very high heat from Languedoc to Provence”.

If temperatures should drop Thursday and Friday in most departments, they should rise again from Saturday and continue in this momentum on Sunday.

In recent days, particularly alarming forecasts showing Saharan weather in France have been widely circulated on social networks. As TF1 reports, the temperatures predicted by these studies for July 18 exceed 40°C throughout the territory, reaching up to 46°C in the west of the country.

This model comes from the Global Forecast System (GFS), a tool of the National Weather Service, set up by the United States. Thus, these results are to be taken with tweezers because our colleagues explain that the tool is “not very precise on scales like France”. Moreover, the announced date is too far away to be reliable. It is therefore better to be cautious with these forecasts, even if it was one of the first models to predict the early heat wave of last June.