Temperatures are dropping, the first snowflakes are strewn on the ground… There is no longer any doubt: winter has begun its offensive. After a week punctuated by biting cold, the looming weekend announces the color: frost, snow showers and stormy rain are on the program. According to La Chaîne Météo forecasts, “the weather should be variable and cold across the country” on Saturday, December 10, 2022. “The maximums would range from 2 to 7°C north of the Loire to the central regions in 10 to 13°C near the Mediterranean. This remains 3 to 4°C below seasonal averages”, specifies the forecaster.

Sleet, which could occur near the Channel coast and in Brittany, could cover the plains with a beautiful white coat. “The cold will generally be dry with the generalization and intensification of the frost (…) Mistral and Tramontana will rise and it will be cold on the continent”, continues the site specializing in meteorology. Where is it going to snow? If a mixture of precipitation and snow is expected in different parts of the territory, the flakes could stick to the ground in certain departments on Friday December 9 and Saturday December 10, 2022. Find out if you are concerned by consulting our slideshow below.

If the reliability remains limited at this deadline, the day of Sunday should be marked by a dry cold, and a rather sunny weather punctuated by snowfall. “It will also be necessary to monitor this risk of snow near the coasts of the Channel, in particular in Brittany and Hauts-de-France, which can hold on the ground”, indicates La Chaîne Météo. On the mercury side, frosts are expected in the morning with temperatures that can drop to -10°C. The rest of the day will see temperatures on average 5°C below normal for the season.