This weekend, you are likely to feel a little – big – cold snap. However, the temperatures this weekend are only a return to seasonal normal. Indeed, the autumn weather this year has been rather spring-like… With October warmer than ever following a scorching summer, the year 2022 seems set to defy the meteorological statistics. Even the first half of November, which had already seemed chilly to us, ranks 4th among the mildest in France since the start of temperature recording, according to Le Parisien.

Global warming, or rather climate change, is certainly not for nothing. Indeed, these weather anomalies are not the preserve of France, and are occurring more and more often on a global scale. In addition to strong incongruous heat waves, natural disasters are on the increase across the globe.

If you are very chilly, you will suffer this weekend… Then you will have to be very careful about the way you dress: bad weather does not exist, only bad clothes! Adopt the onion strategy: your body will heat up the air trapped between the layers of tissue, and you will then benefit from your personal mini-insulation.

It is also crucial to keep your extremities warm. Gloves, good shoes lined with thick socks and a hat are required. If you are bundled up to the neck and still feel cold, try warming yourself up with a hot meal or drink. Tea is ideal for this: light, full of health benefits, and finally scalding hot to warm you from the inside!

Find below the 8 departments in which these techniques will have to be adopted this weekend, because it will be less than 0°C there, according to Météo France.