Are you taking the wheel for the long weekend of November 11? Be careful: thick fog is expected on some roads! Météo Contact, a site specializing in meteorology, warns of the arrival of an “anticyclonic potato” on French territory, causing soft and dry weather between Thursday November 10 and Saturday November 12, 2022.

It is a large anticyclone that has an elongated and rounded shape, hence its original name. In short, low clouds and fog are to be expected… More particularly in around fifty departments, the list of which you can find in our slideshow below.

Same observation on the side of La Chaîne Météo, which warns: “The high pressure will be back, but it will not necessarily rhyme with good weather everywhere. Certain valleys and plains such as the Val de Saône or the plain of Alsace could have some difficult to get rid of the fogs in the afternoon”.

On the mercury side, we expect quite contrasting temperatures. In the morning, the freshness could dominate with 3 to 5°C expected, especially in the east of the country… While it would be milder in the afternoon, with 12 to 20°C in places.

“The mildness will be remarkable in Brittany for the season, with 18°C, which is not very far from the records. This period of mildness around November 11 is also called ‘summer of Saint Martin'”, completes the forecaster. On Sunday, a possible persistence of fog could compromise the return of the sun.