The beginning of January had seen temperatures well above average for the season. Indeed, the first ten days of January were the hottest on record since 1947, as La Chaîne Météo reports. Then, the trend suddenly reversed: the thermometer showed temperatures 2°C to 4°C below seasonal averages. The cold persists until then and snowfall and ice have joined the dance.

Indeed, this Thursday will have seen a snow disturbance lingering over the north of the country. The flow at the origin of this disturbance will shift, this weekend, in the northeast sector, pushing the cold air aloft. Further snowfall is expected. Relatively light but very persistent, a few centimeters of snow could accumulate on the ground at the bottom of the valley or even on the plain.

Beyond 300 to 400 meters above sea level, this accumulation of snow on the ground could reach 10 or even 15 centimeters. An accumulation which should persist even after the end of the falls in view of the temperatures approaching 0 degrees. You will therefore have to be very careful on the road! This weekend, the trends continue, with skies likely to remain very gray and cloudy. Temperatures will be similar to those of the week and there will be almost generalized frosts across France.

Freezing fog will appear this Sunday and the frosts of the day before will be even more intense: maximum temperatures will vary between -1°C and 10°C across the entire metropolitan territory. Sunday will therefore be, on average in France, the coldest day of this week.

Find below the 18 departments placed under yellow snow and ice vigilance this Saturday, January 28, according to Météo France.