Heat, thunderstorms… This month of June is a taste of the summer of 2022 which begins this Tuesday, June 21. After an early and particularly intense heat wave, which continues in the center-east of the country, violent storms accompanied by hailstorms hit the country last night.

“At the start of the morning, these storms ended their course in Champagne-Ardennes, losing their intensity significantly”, continues La Chaîne Météo.

This Tuesday, June 21, while you may be celebrating the Fête de la musique and the summer solstice, a new stormy wave is expected.

“These storms will form an axis going from the south-west towards the center-east of France (…) As for the episode of high temperatures, it continues until Tuesday evening in the center-east of the country “, details the site specializing in meteorology.

As for the temperatures, we expect minimums between 20 and 24°C, with a thermometer which can display up to 36°C in the departments where the very hot weather remains.

Faced with the stormy deterioration that is looming, Météo France has placed 68 departments on yellow storm alert, and 10 on orange storm alert. At what time will you have to be particularly attentive to bad weather?

In our slideshow below, discover the 10 departments on orange alert, as well as the times when the storms could be the most violent. The information provided is based on the vigilance bulletin from Météo France this Tuesday, June 21 at six in the morning.