Summer is playing extra time. While the transition to winter time is fast approaching, the weather remains summery throughout France with great mildness and some instability. According to forecasts by La Chaîne Météo, the country should be located in an anticyclone stretching from North Africa to central Europe.

“The southerly wind, channeled between these two centers of action, will bring exceptional mildness to most of the country. But the influence of the Atlantic depression will still be felt, with upwellings of unstable air and a few thunderstorms. Monday, then from Thursday”, specifies the site specializing in meteorology.

This start to the week promises to be stormy, with a few showers, gray weather and showers on Monday everywhere except in the east which, for its part, is enjoying sunny spells. Where will the storm break? In our slideshow below, discover the list of departments placed in yellow storm vigilance by Météo France. The information provided is based on the bulletin of Monday, October 17, 2022 at 6 a.m. and is likely to change throughout the day.

The nicest and warmest days will be Tuesday and Wednesday. “If north of the Seine in the morning and in the northwest in the afternoon, the clouds are abundant, everywhere else, it will be sunny, very mild, even hot in the afternoon, with maximums between 24 and 27° C. 30 to 32° C could be approached in the south-west and 30° C reached in certain valleys of Auvergne by foehn effect”, describes the forecaster. Temperature records could be reached for the month of October.