Weather: what are the beaches where you can swim this weekend?


The meteorological summer begins on June 1, but the weather did not wait for this date to bring summer air to France.

After an intense heat wave in mid-May, the coming months promise to be hot.

And to start this month of June, which also marks the end of the school year for many, we can expect a summer climate in many regions.

The coming Pentecost weekend should be quite warm. On Saturday, we expect up to 31°C in Lyon and 29°C in Strasbourg. In the west, temperatures will rise less high, but will remain above seasonal averages, with 26°C in Toulouse and 24°C in Tours.

The bad news, however, is that Météo France is announcing a plethora of stormy disturbances over a large part of the territory between Saturday and Monday. So don’t count too much on going for a dip in the Atlantic Ocean, for example: thunderstorms are expected on the coast of Brittany and along the Bay of Biscay.

The only region for the time being spared by its forecasts remains the Mediterranean coast. Elsewhere, expect thunder over the long weekend.

For Pentecost Monday, alas, the rain will cover almost all of France. And temperatures will drop considerably in the north, with only 20°C expected in the capital.

But some departments do indeed escape its unattractive forecasts. They will be able to enjoy an ideal weekend, in the sun, and under a torrid sky. The lucky ones who live near the sea will be able to go swimming in an atmosphere worthy of the month of July.

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** according to the Météo France bulletin on May 31, 2022 at 1 p.m.