The month of May is marked by many bad weather, and it will take a few more days to see sunny skies arrive. This Wednesday, May 17, 2023, “the disturbance from the day before (cold front) has disintegrated and no longer impacts the country”, says Alexandre Isgro, meteorologist for La Chaîne Météo. If the weather is starting to be nice in most regions, showers and thunderstorms will nevertheless be present from the end of the morning.

In Corsica, the rise in temperatures is accompanied by significant rainfall. “The convection is quickly set up in PACA during the afternoon with stormy showers”, specifies Alexandre Isgro. In these areas, strong winds will also occur in the afternoon. Consult our slideshow below to find out if your department is affected by these bad weather.

Météo-France places 9 departments on yellow vigilance for storms and strong winds. Indeed, “the mistral and the tramontana blow hard, but weaken in the evening and night from Tuesday to Wednesday while remaining sustained (60 / 80 km / h)”, adds the editorial staff of La Chaîne Météo. The morning is marked by a freshness that will persist throughout the day. However, storms and winds are expected to ease during the evening.

If the weather remains choppy in several departments, temperatures will nevertheless increase during the day. In the north of France, it will be between 16 and 22°C. For the south of the territory, temperatures will be between 17 and 22 ° C during the afternoon. In addition, the sky should clear on Thursday and announces a sunny Ascension weekend. Find out in our slideshow below if you’ll be safe from Wednesday’s thundershowers.