If the month of April was punctuated by temperature variations and several bad weather, this is also the case for the month of May 2023. Indeed, a heat peak is expected in the coming weeks, but it will take some time to see it happen. Discover in our slideshow below the departments which are not immune to new storms on the weekend of May 8.

Cyril Bonnefoy, meteorologist for La Chaîne Météo, warns of the arrival of stormy showers throughout France for this long weekend. The degradation will begin on Saturday May 6 at the end of the afternoon. “After a hot day south of the Loire under a cloudy sky, a stormy axis is forming between the central Pyrenees and the Massif central”, he specifies. Nevertheless, it is not a question of simple thunderstorms but of a degradation accompanied by hail.

The Weather Channel has thus placed several departments on alert with a significant risk of hail. Saturday evening, “the first storm cells erupt south of the Garonne and in the Pyrenees”, says Cyril Bonnefoy. These showers will move towards the center of France as the hours go by. “Violent phenomena are likely,” adds the editorial staff.

It is in the night from Saturday to Sunday that the hailstones should arrive. Indeed, “the storms go up in the direction of Auvergne and the Center-Val de Loire. They still locally produce very heavy showers and potentially hail”, concludes Cyril Bonnefoy. Nevertheless, a margin of error is always to be taken into consideration. The situation could change. For the day on Sunday, the editorial staff still predicts an extent of hailstorms in eastern France.

Check out our slideshow below to find out if your department will be affected by potential hailstorms.