As temperatures reach seasonal normals, the long weekend of May 1, 2023 will see stormy showers in several departments. Find out in our slideshow below if you’ll have to take out your umbrella this weekend. Thus, The Weather Channel announces weather “again unstable, especially from the southwest to the northeast”.

Nevertheless, certain areas will be spared, as is the case “on the coastal edge of Roussillon which is undergoing exceptional drought”. The skies will begin to cloud over especially from Sunday, April 30. But the channel’s editorial staff clarifies that the forecast for the May Day weekend is not certain.

Indeed, “the numerical models are not at all in agreement, particularly concerning the positioning of the storm cells, the storm activity itself and the precise evolution of the degradation”. It is therefore possible that you will never see this storm arrive despite the fact that it was announced.

In 23 departments, the weather will begin to deteriorate early Saturday evening. Sunday, April 30 will be marked by very unstable weather that will continue until May 1. Indeed, “this disturbed system will block in the eastern regions where the weather will still be very rainy”, specifies the editorial staff of La Chaîne Météo.

Stormy showers will be especially present on Sunday April 30 and Monday May 1. These will be concentrated in the east of France as well as in the Center region. Nevertheless, the Atlantic seaboard will also be affected, but the storms should not last. Conversely, the Mediterranean rim should remain dry.

On the other hand, an improvement is expected at the end of this weekend. According to the weather forecast, from Tuesday May 2, “dry and anticyclonic conditions” are expected. It will take a few more days for the good weather to arrive in your area. Check out our slideshow below to find out if your department will potentially be affected by thunderstorms.