The heat episodes follow one another and look alike. The month of July 2023 is particularly marked by rising temperatures and heavy weather. After a heat wave in the middle of the month, several departments were placed on alert for the week of July 17. Again, the weekend of July 22 will be placed under the sign of heat. Discover in our slideshow below the departments concerned.

While some regions continue to experience high heat, this is not the case for the northern half of the country. Indeed, “the weather will remain much more contrasted on the northern half with the arrival of a new disturbance from the British Isles”, announces the editorial staff of La Chaîne Météo. This degradation will manifest itself in the form of rains and gusts of wind. Like the month of June, the north/south gap continues. The regions of southern France will be affected by very hot temperatures.

From Saturday July 22, 2023, several departments are affected by high temperatures, according to weather forecasts from La Chaîne Météo. “It will be sunny and hot, even very hot near the Mediterranean where the risk of fire will once again be high, due to the land wind which will continue”, specifies the editorial staff. Temperatures will then be between 18 and 35°C in the afternoon.

On Sunday July 23, 2023, 20 departments will be affected by the heat peak. “In the flow tilting to the south, the temperatures will rise again with the high temperatures which will progress towards the Lyonnais and the midi-Toulousain”, predict the meteorologists. Conversely, the disturbance in the north of France will reach the coasts. Temperatures will generally be between 18 and 36°C. In addition, the heat wave threshold will not be reached. Consult our slideshow below to find out if your department is affected by the high temperatures.