The beginning of May heralds the arrival of fine weather, but bad weather persists this month. Indeed, Météo-France is planning a yellow storm alert in many departments for Thursday, May 4, 2023. Discover in our slideshow below the 19 departments concerned. Nevertheless, temperatures will be mild across the country. “A degradation is however already present in the northwest”, specifies Alexandre Isgro, meteorologist for La Chaîne Météo.

This deterioration, accompanied by a rise in temperatures, is explained in particular by the presence of an anticyclone in the North Sea which is reaching Eastern Europe. “A disturbance is sweeping the British Isles bordering the northwest of the country,” adds Alexandre Isgro. Showers are therefore expected from the beginning of the afternoon.

Instabilities “will develop from this afternoon between Normandy and Hauts-de-France”, adds the editorial staff of La Chaîne Météo. The clouds will therefore gain ground during the afternoon. However, some regions will be spared. Occitania and New Aquitaine will enjoy a sunny day with a few clouds at the end of the afternoon.

The PACA region will also welcome a “clear and clear sky all day with a few passages of Cirrus (high clouds composed of ice crystals) especially in the afternoon, without affecting the summer impression”, ends up concluding Alexandre Isgro. Find out in our slideshow below if you will be safe from thunderstorms in your department.