Weather: snow-ice, thunderstorms… 23 departments placed on yellow vigilance


A start to the season under surveillance. On December 1, the meteorological winter began, and already has its share of bad weather in store for us. According to figures from La Chaîne Météo, the “winter offensive” is already in place, with an average temperature of 4.39°C in France for Friday, December 2, 2022. “This offensive is accompanied above all by a change in weather, with the appearance of snow until the plain this weekend”, confirms the site specializing in meteorology.

For the time being, no bad weather is to be feared, although road traffic and the electricity network could be jeopardized in certain departments due to the first low-altitude snowflakes of the season. “We cannot locally rule out a risk of power cuts by breaking cables under the weight of the snow”, warns the meteorologist.

However, vigilance is still required this weekend. The Weather Channel warns in particular of the conflict zone likely to be created between the cold air coming straight from Russia and the mild humid air coming from the Mediterranean. Same story on the side of Météo France, which has placed around twenty departments on yellow vigilance for various reasons: storms, snow-ice, rain-flooding or even avalanches.

Are you concerned? Find out now in our slideshow below. The information provided is based on the meteorological vigilance bulletin of December 3, 2022 at 4 p.m. and is subject to change.