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The first snowflakes of the year have already covered a small part of the French mountains. The heat that dominated the territory a few days ago has cast doubt on heavy snowfalls during the winter.

“We are expecting very disturbed weather between November and December”, explains Patrick Marlière, meteorologist and director of Agate Météo. “According to trends, in the second half of November and in the first half of December, the succession of disturbances should not be accompanied by temperatures that are too mild. We could therefore see snowfall on all the reliefs.”

On the other hand, with regard to the rest of the territory, snow could fall during the first half of December but the trends do not allow us to say this with certainty for the moment.

Later, in January, the meteorologist’s analyzes reveal that there could be “a few possible winter episodes with snowfall which would be more persistent in the mountains”. “For the month of February, there is currently no forecast of snow. The weather should be mild and humid”, explains the expert.

In summary, snowfall could occur as early as mid-November for the reliefs. On the other hand, for the rest of the country, you will have to wait until December or January.

This year, “seasonal trends are changing a lot and it is therefore difficult to have a significant confidence coefficient in these forecasts”, specifies Patrick Marlière.