After a Thursday which experienced rather pleasant temperatures, despite a few showers, the weather is cooling off this Friday morning. Indeed, a drop in temperatures will be known on the majority of French territory. A gray and cloudy sky is expected, as well as rain. A dozen departments will even be put on storm yellow alert.

A degradation of the weather is therefore announced for this weekend of May 1st. With the return of seasonal minimum temperatures, there are also sea entries into the Mediterranean, and thunderstorms in the northeast and center-east of the country. However, some departments will not be affected by this unstable weather, as is the case for the southwestern part of France where it will be up to 29°C this afternoon.

For this morning, fairly mild weather across the country will be accompanied by rain which will be present from Île-de-France to the east, as well as a cloudy sky. Then, despite fine clearings and rising temperatures between the Garonne and the lower Rhone Valley, the showers will still be present in the rest of France, with the arrival of thunderstorms towards the East (with 18 departments in storm yellow alert, according to La Chaîne Météo).

The weather will vary regarding the evening and night of this Friday, April 28. Indeed, more or less heavy showers will be known in the South of French territory, and clearings will appear on the Channel coasts.

As Météo France explains to us, “Storm cells are identified from measurements taken from meteorological radars […] make it possible to describe the characteristics of each storm cell.” But then which departments are on yellow alert? Find out if yours is affected in our slideshow.