Up to 28°C at night… Monday evening, as a new wave of heat sets in in France, some may have trouble falling asleep.

In France, we speak of a heat wave threshold when daytime temperatures rise above 30°C and above 20°C at night.

This week, this will be the case in several departments, according to the latest forecasts. “A new heat wave, the third of this summer 2022, is setting up in the south on Monday. This heat wave will gradually spread to most of the country during the week”, warns the Weather Channel.

The first days of August will therefore be placed under the sign of heat: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, we expect scorching temperatures over a large part of France. The episode should end on Friday, “but will persist for a few more days in the south, gradually decreasing in intensity”, announces the specialized media.

Monday, August 1, the Weather Channel already places 25 departments on alert for “significant risk” in the face of the heat wave:

In some cities, we expect up to 38°C in the shade. And the nights are coming, in 30 departments, difficult to bear. Discover in our slideshow where they will be the hottest this Monday, according to the Weather Channel bulletin for August 1 at 8 a.m.