From north to south, the temperate climate of our country varies very little, and yet! Depending on the meteorological phenomena, it is often in the South that it is the hottest.

But in the middle of summer, it is not uncommon for periods of high heat to affect the whole territory.

It is also known that thunderstorms tend to generally target the East-South-West axis.

On the temperature side, we can note, however, some disparities. For example, it is often cooler in the relief areas (in the Vosges or the Massif Central, etc.). In a wide “central” strip stretching from Poitou to Alsace, the climate is also, it seems, a little more “continental”, explains Météo Express.

In Poitou, western Burgundy and a large part of Auvergne, we know between 15 and 20 days a year when the mercury exceeds 30°C. That’s roughly around the national average, the site says. But then, where is it really hottest (and coldest?).

According to data from Météo Express, it is at least 30°C more than 30 days a year in the following departments:

It is therefore Occitania and the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region that are in the spotlight, without much surprise.

Conversely, in other departments, it is rarely very hot. In our slideshow, discover those where the mercury exceeds 30°C less than 5 days a year.