this weekend is to be expected in the state of Hesse with rain, snow and icy conditions. As the German weather service (DWD) reported on Friday, it can snow at least in the higher mountainous country in the night to Saturday. Freezing rain may locally lead to a danger of slippery conditions. In the low-lying regions, in contrast, the precipitation will come as rain.

For the Wasserkuppe in the Rhön from the DWD an official warning prior to snow fall and snow drifts. There are between two and five centimetres of snow would be above 800 meters is expected, said a forecaster. According to the winter sports service of the Wasserkuppe two ski-lifts on on Hessen’s highest mountain the operation. The cross-country ski trails were groomed with a snow height of up to five centimetres on Friday.

snow in the mountains

at Least region to region, it remains on the Saturday rainy, with daily maximum temperatures should range between four and eight degrees. Only in the highest Mountains it can snow at first. This Wind is strong, gusty, and partly stormy.

Also on Sunday, the forecasters expect overcast skies and intermittent rain. In the night to Monday, it could be snowing in the mountains again separated. Fixed also smoothness by überfrierende moisture was possible, it said.