On new year’s eve and new year hangs a dense cloud cover over the state of Hesse. On Monday morning there will be a little rain, then the precipitation will remain free, however, mostly, such as the German weather service (DWD) said on Sunday. During the day the temperatures are mild: 6 to 10 degrees and it’s supposed to be. The Wind is blowing is weak.

Also in the new year’s eve night, the clouds are not forgiven. Most of the time it remains dry. Later in the night, then, is fixed to rain or drizzle before says. Region to region there is also a thick fog. The temperatures should remain above the freezing point. Low values between 5 and 1 degree can be expected.

smoothness on Wednesday

On Tuesday, it will be more cloudy and at times raining. The daily maximum values can reach 7 to 9 degrees, in the mountains to 4 degrees. The Wind is blowing moderately with each of the strong gusts.

On Wednesday, partly cloudy with Sunny intervals. Area way there are showers above 200 metres in height, it snows and it threatens smoothness. The maximum values range, according to the DWD, between 4 to 6 degrees.