Is spring early? The year 2023 started mildly, with particularly mild weather in France and particularly high temperatures for January 1st. According to the Météo Ciel website, 129 records were set on the first day of the year in France, of which here are some.

Should we expect sweetness throughout the week? Yes, until the weekend, according to the forecasts of La Chaîne Météo. According to the specialized site, “the maximum will no longer be as high as this New Year’s weekend, ranging on average from 10°C in the north to 13°C in the south, corresponding to a level in March, or even April in the South-West which will remain affected by a remarkable mildness”.

The weather will change completely on Sunday January 8, with a sharp deterioration and a risk of “gales” throughout the country. If the weather will be calm and sunny on Saturday, rain and wind will be present over two thirds of the country on Sunday. “The temperatures could drop”, explains La Chaîne Météo, which is confirmed by the maps published by Météo France for the end of the week. A decline that will increase next week, with temperatures that will approach zero from Tuesday, January 10, according to forecasts from the institute. We can then speak of a real return of the cold.

What day will the temperatures drop in your area? Check out the predictions below to find out.