The high temperatures have not said their last word… After a summer season marked by heat waves and drought, and while temperatures have been falling for several days, a new peak in temperatures is expected at the beginning of the week. next, and should affect the whole of France.

“It’s linked to the approach of ex-hurricane Danielle, which is slowly approaching our coasts and has downgraded into a simple depression, explains Régis Crépet, meteorologist at the Weather Channel. When this depression approaches the coast of Portugal, according to our forecasts, it will bring up a southerly wind, and the temperatures will increase, from Sunday afternoon.

The peak could last until Tuesday.

“Sunday afternoon, the rise in temperatures will mainly concern the Southwest. But from Monday, it will spread to the whole of France,” announces Régis Crépet.

The phenomenon could also sign the return of the sand of the Sahara in our sky.

And some regions risk being hit hard. “It will be particularly hot in the South-West, in New Aquitaine, and south of the Garonne, as well as on Monday, in the central regions. We expect more than 30 degrees for this episode in many departments, with, sometimes, probably peaks at 35, 36 or 37°C locally. But no more”, tempers the forecaster.

The situation should turn into a storm “very quickly”, continues Régis Crépet. “Tuesday there will be thunderstorms, probably in the south, around the Mediterranean. It will still be warm, but heavy and stormy”.

In short, the temperatures should really drop only from Wednesday on the whole territory.

“It’s a heat peak that will last two to three days, but it remains exceptional for the season, for a month of September. We must not minimize it, it is a remarkable phenomenon” assures the meteorologist, adding that certain records could be broken.

What temperature is expected at home for this heat spike? In our slideshow, discover the list of departments where it should be above 30°C at the start of the week (according to the forecasts of the Weather Channel on September 9, 2022 at 12 p.m.