Summer goes into overtime. A heatstroke is expected the week of October 17, 2022, with very mild temperatures over most of France. Patrick Marlière, meteorological expert for Agate Météo, announces “exceptional summer conditions” in western Europe from this weekend.

“Indeed, the weather situation resembles those cold drops that have brought scorching air masses throughout the summer,” he told Planet. Hot, dry air should settle in the country from Sunday, October 16, and then give way to temperatures “worthy of the end of August or the month of September”, assures the forecaster.

“We could still exceed 30°C in the south-west (…) Note that the regions close to the Mediterranean will be less affected, with wind and sometimes significant cloudy periods”, continues Patrick Marlière. If we cannot speak of a heat peak, it is undeniable that the expected temperatures will be very mild, 7 to 8 or even 10°C above seasonal norms.

“We already had much higher temperature records in October, these are not records in themselves but it is a continuation of the exceptional summer that we have just experienced”, explains the meteorologist. Where will it be hottest? Check it out in our slideshow below. The temperatures provided are based on Agate Weather forecasts for next week.

The return to normal is expected from the end of next week, with more disturbed and classic weather for the fall. However, we note that the temperatures will always be very mild, above the average for the season.

“France is still in a situation of drought, there is a huge lack of water in the south and in the north of the country. November and December would have to be extremely rainy for us to get by, and the forecasts do not take the path”, concludes Patrick Marlière.