Weather: 41 departments on wind vigilance this Friday


The last few days have been marked by an abnormally warm wave for the season: last Christmas Day took the title of the second warmest Christmas since reliable measurements began. New Year’s Eve, which is Saturday, will see a peak of this sweetness. Temperature records could be broken throughout the metropolitan territory, as well as among our German, Belgian and Luxembourg neighbors, as reported by La Chaîne Météo.

Seasonal temperature averages will be exceeded by almost 8°C: such excess heat has only been recorded 3 times in 75 years. The sweetness should continue in January, at least during its first half. As early as November, meteorologists predicted that 2022 would be the hottest year ever recorded in France, a prediction that will most certainly be confirmed tomorrow.

This weekend, we are witnessing very deep depressions over the Atlantic, drifting towards the British Isles. This day, Friday December 30, sees the strongest gale episode of the week. Gusts of 80 km/h to 90 km/h will blow in the north of the country. In the Southwest, these gusts will even reach 100 or even 110 km / h.

A jet stream current is also being felt, and could well, in combination with the Atlantic depressions, amplify these gales until the storm. Nothing is less certain, but the potential is there, and we will have to remain attentive to potential reversals of the situation. For the moment, these strong gusts of wind are not abnormal for the season, but it is true that the French are not really used to experiencing such windy episodes anymore.

Find below the list of the 42 departments in wind vigilance according to Météo France.