The summer of all records? This summer season is marked by many meteorological exploits, starting with the month of June, which turns out to be the worst since the beginning of the records. In addition, the heatwave episode of this month of July also made its own, especially in the western half of France where the thermometer reached peaks. Thus, several municipalities broke their heat record on Monday July 18 and Tuesday July 19, 2022, including:

After this week marked by very hot weather, this Friday, July 22, 2022 ends in a stormy deterioration in many departments. Hail, accumulations of rain, stormy showers… Beware of bad weather in around fifty departments, placed on yellow or orange storm vigilance by Météo France for the night of Friday July 22 to Saturday July 23, 2022. Among them, 41 will still be on alert Friday evening and night. Discover the list of territories concerned, as well as the times when you will have to be extra vigilant, in our slideshow below.