Storm, peak of heat, tornado… After meteorological events worthy of a month of June, the month of March has not finished surprising us. Indeed, a new stormy deterioration is preparing on France according to the forecasts of La Chaîne Météo.

This Friday, March 17, 2023, the sky will darken as the day progresses, until it becomes threatening in places. At the end of the afternoon, thunder is likely to rumble in certain corners of the country… But where are you likely to see a lightning cross the sky? In its latest vigilance bulletin, Météo France placed 35 departments on yellow alert for the risk of thunderstorms. Find out which territories are affected in our slideshow below.

Rest assured, however: the storm should be localized, and much weaker than the one that hit France earlier this week. On Monday March 13, a completely new record was broken: no less than 9,549 lightning strikes were recorded on the territory, mainly between the Pyrenees and the Ardennes.

The previous record, recorded in March 2001, was 400 less impacts. This stormy severity, particularly important for this time of year, is worthy of a month of May, or even a month of June.

The weekend of Saturday March 19 and Sunday March 19 also promises to be disrupted, with possible stormy showers and showers. In terms of temperatures, La Chaîne Météo announces values ​​2°C above normal for the season. “It will be mild, but the weather will be unstable with showers and sunny spells. The feeling will therefore not be bad, but changing”, specifies the forecaster.