For many departments, today’s yellow storm vigilance is not the first weather alert in recent days. Indeed, after a very mild October in terms of temperatures, the beginning of November promises to be capricious.

At the very beginning of the week, it was the depression Claudio which, on its way up towards the North Sea, caused strong winds in France. Today, it should be followed by an even bigger depression, named Denise. These gales should cause an exchange of air masses, between the warm air of the Sahara which earned us a mild start to autumn, and the ocean air which, for its part, risks lowering temperatures, according to La Weather Channel.

Denise should enter the metropolitan territory by the Vendée, according to Var-matin. It should then sweep the entire Southwest, triggering gusts of up to 130 km / h. Stormy episodes and very violent winds will remain territorial, but rain is likely to fall everywhere, and temperatures should finally reach their normal level for the season.

The weather will therefore be gloomy everywhere, it should be noted, however, that Brittany and the South-West will be particularly affected: a torrential rain in the North is forecast for the end of the afternoon, and the stormy showers have already started in Languedoc .

Find below the 28 departments placed on yellow storm alert as well as the time from which you will have to fear the weather near you, according to the forecasts of Météo France.