Thunder, lightning and lightning: here is the summary of this month of June 2022. And for good reason! According to information from La Chaîne Météo, this month of June is the most “lightning” since the start of the Météorage surveys in 1989.

There is only one single day without the slightest storm, namely June 10, and four very stormy days, with more than 12,000 cloud-ground impacts. “The number of lightning strikes has, in fact, exceeded 180,000 last Thursday, beating the previous record of June 1993”, specifies the site specializing in meteorology.

And it’s not over ! This Monday, June 27, 2022, an air mass conflict persists over France and should cause stormy deterioration, violent in places, in the afternoon and evening. Thus, the forecaster announces major storms that may require caution from people practicing outdoor activities, hailstorms, accumulations of rain and major gusts of wind.

Where will these storms be the strongest? In its meteorological vigilance bulletin of Monday June 27, 2022 at six o’clock in the morning, Météo France placed 19 departments in yellow vigilance for storms or floods. Find out which ones in our slideshow below.

The sun and the heat, for their part, should make their big comeback on Tuesday June 28 and Wednesday June 29, 2022. If thunderstorms are still likely to break out in the east, temperatures will be on the rise with maximums between 25 and 30°C in the afternoon, starting on Wednesday.