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resim 14

Today, Wednesday, June 1, 2022, it’s the start of summer! At least, from a meteorological point of view. Indeed, Météo France forecasters start the summer season on this date, unlike our calendars which place it on the 21st of the month.

“In terms of average temperatures or the overall evolution of these over the year, it’s more interesting and it makes our calculations easier. Sometimes a season can start on the 20th or 22nd, that doesn’t suit us. We take so the 1st of the month and we count three months”, confides Tristan Amm, forecaster at Météo France, to La Dépêche.

Still, France did not need to wait until June to enjoy a summer climate. As such, the month of May was, in France, the hottest ever recorded, with temperatures on average 3°C above normal for the season.

And the heat is set to last. The month of June thus begins with a new peak of heat this Wednesday, informs La Chaîne Météo.

In the Southwest, the mercury will rise to 34°C locally. On Thursday, the wave will spread to the whole of France.

“It will be a heavy heat, with a multiplication of thunderstorms over the days. They will become violent from Friday afternoon.

The Pentecost weekend therefore does not promise to be easy in terms of the weather. Friday, three quarters of France are affected by a risk of severe thunderstorms, according to media forecasts.

This is the effect, according to the Weather Channel, of a cold drop, which approaches the Bay of Biscay and brings up very hot air from the Sahara. The humidity level, indicates the site, will therefore be very high, and the sky “milky and sometimes stormy”.

The storms will also rumble from Wednesday afternoon, in the departments where it will be, in addition, very hot. An almost “tropical” climate, according to meteorologists. Discover in our slideshow the departments affected by these disruptions from 2 p.m.

** according to the Météo France bulletin at 8 a.m.