In the case of the German arms exports, a significant decrease in this year. Up to the 13. December were approved according to the Federal Ministry of the economy, exports of weapons and other military equipment to the value of 4.62 billion euros. In the entire previous year there were a total of 6.24 billion Euro.

The scope of the approved exports is expected to contract in order to 2018, for the third Time in a row. A growth there in 2015, then to a record level of 7,86 billion euros.

Saudi Arabia before the export stop important customer

According to a response of the Ministry to a request from the Green party member of Parliament Omid Nouripour, Saudi-Arabia, despite involvement in the Yemen war, with transactions in the amount of 416 million euros, the fourth-largest customer of German weapons forging to Algeria (802 million euros), the United States (EUR 506 million) and Australia (432 million euros).

it was Only in the Wake of the affair, the killing of the government-critical journalist Jamal Khashoggi the Saudi Consulate General in Istanbul was in November, a complete ban on Exports against the UK were imposed.

Saudis in Yemen-war

Actually, the Federal government adopted already in March in the coalition agreement not to provide more arms to countries that are “directly” involved in the Yemen war. For already granted Preauthorization was, however, made an exception.