The image of a five-year-old boy who was on the street, eats spaghetti on a paper plate is going to be the around the world. The child was given food by a charity in Dublin, and a member of Homeless Street Cafe is ringing the alarm-bell. “We can’t accept it?”

Every Tuesday, the Homeless, Street Cafe, located in Dublin, is open to those who are homeless in Ireland’s capital city. Those are going to have a hot meal is served, and there are also clothing and bags at affordable prices.


“We’re home, having been an incredibly busy night, you know, a staff member Tuesday night a little after midnight, on Facebook. “I’m exhausted, tired, and emotional, and it was supposed to go to bed, but there is one image that any of us have a team in the past out of his mind in the future. It is a mistake, and I am hurt by it, but it is real and it is every week is going to get worse.”

as for The employee who has a photo of Sam, a homeless boy, 5, who Tuesday night was langsgeweest. He has put himself out on the floor and eat it with a carton of spaghetti carbonara. “We really have to accept”, then the employee is away from it.

the Overwhelming response is:

for More than two thousand people have already responded to the message, and nearly 8,000 others are sharing it. “This is the saddest picture that I have seen in a very long time and have seen it,” writes another. Others have said that their heart breaks at the sight of the picture. Very few players can offer some help to the boy.

“Thank you for the overwhelming response and in order to not have to accept the fact that this is happening,” said an employee once again. “This post already has about 250,000 people, (in the meantime, there are a lot more, editor’s note) .”