Sommaruga at the tourism summit – “We like to have a nice summer”In Bern took place today in the second tourism summit. The hopes that the relaxations are large.2 Kommentare2Grosse hopes after the second tourism summit: Under the leadership of President Sommaruga substantial sign of loosening.Video: SDA

The Bernerhof Swiss President Simonetta Sommaruga, the Federal councillors Alain Berset and Guy Parmelin, as well as members of the administration, with numerous representatives of the tourism Alliance met. Sommaruga said after the Meeting to the news Agency Keystone SDA, ultimately, all parties Involved wanted the Same thing: “We are in the mood for a beautiful summer.” It but I still need adjustments.

“From the 8. June is very much happening”, the St. Gallen, CVP national councillor Nicolo Paganini, President of the Swiss tourism Federation, is optimistic. Gastrosuisse President Casimir Platzer had after the Meeting with the same impression. By the Federal Council, the clear Signal was that he would not disappoint the tourism next Wednesday.

SAC huts, camping sites, mountain Railways

the objective of this second meeting was to discuss with the industry ways of relaxing holidays in Switzerland are possible. In the run-up to the associations agreed that on 8. June, campsites and mountain, or the boat trip is definitely open to be able to tracks.

Ueli Stückelberger, Director of the Association of Public transport, gastro Suisse-Director Daniel Borner, gastro Suisse-President Casimir Platzer, and the Supreme Director of Tourism, Damian Constantin (from the left) on the way to the summit in Bern. (24. May 2020)photo: Anthony Anex/Keystone

A first summit with the tourism professionals had on 26. April place. With 11 tourism associations, and the marketing organization of Switzerland tourism. In the process, for the 8 were loose. June envisaged.

He also served to give the industry a certain degree of planning security. The Swiss population should be made summer holidays in Germany tasty.

SAC huts, youth hostels, Hotels, and catering establishments are allowed to for the 11. May not have open campsites, however. TCS and Swiss camps have been calling for for weeks, the instant Opening. Mountain Railways and vessels will not travel also.

is Driving the loose: Simonetta Sommaruga, here after an exchange about the corona crisis on the Arenenberg in Salenstein. (22. May 2020)photo: Christian Beutler/Keystone


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