More isolated than ever. From the President of the Republic’s point of view, the battle for pensions is over, and it is now time to move on. However, this opinion is far from being shared by the whole of the French people. Many people do not want to move on yet and want to mobilize until the 2024 Olympic Games if necessary.

The popularity of the head of state is at its lowest and a large part of the population considers him isolated, disconnected, deaf to the demands of the demonstrators. Until now, Emmanuel Macron could count on the unwavering support of his troops. But, after several months of social anger, the deputies of his party, Renaissance, seem to trust their leader less and less.

As Le Figaro reports, several elected walkers negatively judge the way of governing of the president, too vertical. “It is a mistake to personify things too much and to govern alone”, thus entrusted Caroline Janvier, deputy Renaissance, to our colleagues.

Behind this resentment more and more shared on the benches of the majority, a strategic choice which goes badly: the recourse to article 49-3 of the Constitution to have the pension reform adopted. If this decision caused a real tidal wave among the political opponents and the French people, it was also badly digested by the deputies of the majority. “It changed the group’s relationship to the president, causing strong resentment,” said an influential Walker.

Beyond the 49-3, it is the attitude of the president towards Parliament as a whole which annoys the deputies. Faced with the multiple motions of censure voted in recent months, Emmanuel Macron had not hesitated to agitate the threat of dissolution in order to frighten the elected representatives of the opposition.

However, within his own ranks, these statements were also unwelcome. “We must not believe that it is the deputies of the opposition who are the most impacted by this kind of manipulation, but ours”, declared a senior executive of the majority in the columns of the Express.

With all these reasons and then the growing unpopularity of Emmanuel Macron, doubt settles in the ranks of the majority. Some elected officials are beginning to no longer support the president and do not hesitate to let it be known. “There are some who can no longer sacking him. We have to do without Macron, to make him a powerless king”, thus slices a historic Walker of the Parliament with Le Figaro.

Before reunifying the nation behind him, another mission awaits the President of the Republic, to once again achieve unanimity within his own camp.